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An extensive collection of links to J2EE products, tools, resource sites, and articles.

J2EE: Java Hits a New Sweet Spot
Richard Monson-Haefel is quoted in this general article about J2EE 1.3.  The article is not in depth but provides a decent high altitude view of J2EE and JCA and JMS in particular.

J2EE Design Patterns
The Sun Java Center has published the beta version for a repository of design patterns and best practices for J2EE. The catalog contains useful patterns for the Servlets/JSP, EJB in J2EE application. This is the start of a great resource for J2EE developers.

J2EE Connector API 2.0
Although JCA 1.0 not finial, Sun is already announcing the creation of a a new JSR for the next version of JCA, version 2.0. The J2EE Connector Architecture 2.0 extends the existing 1.0 specification with new features including asynchronous integration with enterprise information systems, Java Message Service (JMS) provider plugability, Common Client Interface (CCI) metadata and XML support. 

Java 2, Enterprise Edition 1.3

J2EE 1.3 beta Tutorial
The J2EE 1.3 Tutorial is a beginner's guide to developing enterprise applications on the J2EE SDK, version 1.3 beta. It follows a task-oriented focus similar to the Java Tutorial and includes many complete, working examples.

J2EE 1.3 Proposed Final Draft
Version 1.3 updates the J2EE platform with the latest proposed versions of Enterprise JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages, and Java Servlet API component technologies. In addition, J2EE 1.3 adds support for the new J2EE Connector Architecture 1.0, the Java API for XML Parsing, and the Java Authentication and  Authorization Service API. J2EE 1.3 also increases the level of support of the Java Message Service API from optional to required.

J2EE 1.3 SDK, Beta Release
This first public release of version 1.3 of the JavaTM 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition  gives the developer community a chance to try the new platform before it's finalized.  You have to be a JDC member to get it, which is easy enough to do - just register.

J2EE RI Tutorial

Writing Enterprise Applications with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
Use this great J2EE RI tutorial provided for free by Sun Microsystems to learn how to use J2EE and its various component types (EJB, Servlet, JSP).  At 124 pages its a pretty good resource and should give novices a great start on learning how develop applications in J2EE.