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Open Source Links


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Open Source Links
Use this links page as a directory to all the open source projects focused on Java middleware.  The Open Source links directory covers all the J2EE open source projects (EJB, JMS, Servlets/JSP) as well as other open source middlware like CORBA, Jini, EAI and others.

O'Reilly's Open Source Convention
Don't miss the 3rd annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention, July 23-27, 2001, at the in San Diego, California. With over 2,000 attendies and 250 sessions in 14 tracks a day it should be a great convetion. Key open source technologies such as Perl, Apache, XML, Python, PHP, MySQL, Linux, and many more will be covered. In addition, David Blevins of OpenEJB will be there to give a presentation.

History and Philosophy of Open Source

The Cathedral and the Bazaar
One of the most important papers about the philosophy of open source development. In "The Cathedral and the Bazaar," Eric Raymond contrasts the rigid, up-front design (cathedral) practices of traditional software development against the more ad hoc and evolutionary (bazaar) approach used by the Linux and other open source communities.
Andrew Leonard's Book in Progress
An interesting book about the history of open source by Andrew Leonard, which is being written and published on the Internet. You can read it for free at Salon's Free Software Project web site.  It's an interesting read and includes discussion lists where readers can comment on chapters of the book.

Interesting Open Source Projects

This open source project was just released (version 1.0) but is a wonderfully complete CORBA ORB that is fully CORBA 2.4.1 compliant and provides all features of CORBA 3.0. OpenORB is not only a CORBA ORB, it also includes several CORBA services including Naming, Transaction, Concurrency, Persistence, Time, Trading, and Transaction.  OpenORB also includes many useful extensions such as Java RMI-IIOP, GUI administration, IDL Interface Repository, and SSL (SSLIOP). It's possibly the most complete Java CORBA implementation available today and its open source. OpenORB Enterprise Suite was developed by Jerome Daniel, Marina Daniel, Olivier Modica, and Chris Wood

An open source EJB container system that is designed to be much faster then most commercial EJB container systems. OpenEJB is a plug-in that can be adopted by other server vendors who need easy snap-in EJB compliance. OpenEJB is being developed by OReilly author Richard Monson-Haefel and David Blevins and others.

If you've worked with DOM or SAX XML parsers then you'll appreciate jDOM, a Java API that abstracts the underlying parser (DOM or SAX) and makes it far easier to manipulate XML documents.  jDOM is being developed by two O'Reilly authors, Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin, and includes contributions from such notables as Elliotte Rusty Harold and others.

Based on the Jini archecture, Openwings is a set of open-systems specifications for a framework that enables the development of highly available, secure, distributed systems for mission-critical applications. The initial implementation of this framework utilizes Sun’s Jini technology to provide ad-hoc integration of system components and increase interoperability in a "systems of systems" environment.